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Gamla: Masada of the North

Posted Wednesday, April 25, 2007 by Charlie Trimm

Gamla is not a biblical site in the sense that it is mentioned in the Bible, but it does play a role in the Jewish revolt around 70 AD. Gamla was one of the last Zealot strongholds which the Romans conquered. Similar to Masada in the south, the defenders ended up committing suicide rather than surrendering. Gamla is in the Golan Heights and is essentially a rocky outcrop that is almost impossible to attack. There is only a wall on one side of it because the other three sides are so steep that a wall is not needed. Today it is also a popular place to view vultures.

This is the path to get to Gamla (facing away from Gamla).  

Gamla (similar to Masada, they all committed suicide rather .jpg

This pictures shows all of Gamla.  

Gamla 1 (Jewish stronghold during Roman attack in 70 AD).jpg

 The Romans eventually managed to breach the wall, and the breach point is still visible today. 


 This is one of the earliest synogogues which has been found. 


This is the view from Gamla towards the Sea of Galilee in the distance (looking west).  


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