Theoblogian unemployed theologians spend their time30How tall was David? tall was David?  All the authoritative flannelgraphs I have seen have him looking rather slight and runty.    But when reading through 1st Samuel recently, I started thinking (which would account for the aroma of burning).]]>Josh MichaelSat, 20 May 2006 18:11:00 PSTLiving la vida Trinitarian... recently offered a posting on the Trinity (don't miss Tom's comment to that post either).  I had been working on one concerning practical ways of applying the Trinity so that follows below.  Generally, the Trinity is considered one of the more (perhaps, most) esoteric and abstract Christian doctrines.  To test the relationship between doctrine and practice, we might as well see what, if any, practical difference the doctrine of the Trinity might make in our lives.  Besides, in one of Millard Erickson’s books (it was on the Trinity), he comments that Kant thought the Trinity the epitome of meaningless, impractical Christian doctrine – and who can resist giving it to a hoity-toity philosopher who can’t possibly respond or find out where I live?]]>Josh MichaelWed, 10 May 2006 13:43:00 PSTPride and Me and the Devil make three..."God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble." 

This is a NT quotation of Proverbs 3:34 that is familiar to many of us.  Recently, as I doing some work in James, I noticed a curious relationship that had not previously caught my notice.  James quotes the OT verse in 4:6 in connection with humility and follows that up with the admonition to "resist the devil."  Over in 1 Peter 5, Peter too quotes the verse and [cue dramtic music] subsequently refers to resisting the devil.  What is going on?

Josh MichaelSat, 21 Jan 2006 10:10:00 PST
Is it a haughty king? it Lucifer? must be poll-the-blog!!.aspxTheoblogian is proud to release comments on another Poll-the-Blog question.  This one concerns two passages in the OT prophets - Is 14 and Ez 28.  Commentators debate whether passages in these two chapters refer to Satan/Lucifer or not.  Opinions vary dramatically among the Theoblogians - so feel free to read our responses to the question and offer your own opinions or critique our answers.


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Poll-the-Blog strikes back!!!!.aspxFind out what is behind door #2!  See the inner workings and cutting insights of the Theoblogian braintrust!  Finally solve the mystery of the special sauce!!  Poll-the-Blog the sequel offers all this and more.

That's right!  More opportunities to pose questions for  More opportunities to see our answers to questions.  More opportunities to give your opinion - on our answers or even on the question itself!  More chances to win a trip to Tahitit.

Okay, no trips to Tahiti, but everything else is waiting for you at Poll the Blog.

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Poll-the-Blog is born!!.aspxHave you always wanted to know what the experts think?  Well, since you can’t have that, why don’t you ask us instead?


Do you have an issue you would like debated?  A question you would like answered?  A passage discussed?  Want to know what we think about a topic?  What to get strangers to argue about something?  Well now is your chance…with Poll-the-Blog!

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