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December, 2006

The Sacred-Secular Split

Posted Wednesday, December 20, 2006 by Brian Beers
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Corban College Alumni Newsletter - Winter 2007This week my alumni newsletter from Corban College arrived with its feature article entitled, “Eliminating the Sacred/Secular Split: Restoring a Biblical Worldview.” I was very interested to see how the ideas in it were interchangeable with the Spiritual reality vs. Reality distinction that I brought up in Stewards of Reality. The article is about Nancy Pearcey’s recent lectures at the college. Nancy and her husband Rick are editors of the Pearcey Report and are influential thinkers and writers in Washington DC.

In the newsletter article Nancy is quoted as saying, “Our lives are often fractured and fragmented, with our faith firmly locked into the private realm of church…it rarely has a chance to inform our life and work in the public realm.” The focus of the Pearcey’s efforts is on reversing the marginalization of the Christian worldview.

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