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March, 2007

Bothering Jesus

Posted Tuesday, March 20, 2007 by Brian Beers
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I have started attending Wednesday night prayer meeting again. I promised my wife that I would. She is tired of taking our children to Wednesday night activities by herself. Over the past year, I have skipped more than I have attended. I have been avoiding prayer meeting because I couldn’t stand that we prayed as though we were afraid to bother Jesus. Nearly one year ago, Diane was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, one of the most aggressive and deadly cancers. As her cancer progressed, our church started praying for her to die comfortably and quickly. This kind of prayer is not advocated in Scripture. Instead, we find audacious prayers and requests.

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December, 2007

Help with the ice and snow

Posted Sunday, December 09, 2007 by Charlie Trimm
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We had terrible ice here this morning in Chicago, and when we got to church (Crossroads Community Church) someone came out to meet us at our car, warned us about how slick it was, and then gave his arm to Mariah to help her to the door while I carried Eily. They were doing this with everyone and even having some people get out right next to the door and then parking their cars for them. I thought that this was a great way to show love to the people as well as to visitors. I remember reading about a church in the NW that had their junior high kids escort people into the building with giant golf umbrellas whenever it rained: not only did people not get wet, but it gave the JH kids a way to get to know people. I just thought that we should highlight some of the great things churches do.  

We visited a church while we were still looking for a church in which the pastor made a side comment about how the regular members need to park in the back of the parking lot and sit in the front so that it makes a statement that we love visitors. Another good idea!

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