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Posted Thursday, April 05, 2007 by Charlie Trimm

This stop on our tour will not have much Scripture attached to it because it did not exist during Bible times. It does seem rather strange that it did not exist because it seems like it would have been a great port then as it is now, but such is the way things worked out. The location of Haifa on the coast, just to the north of Mt. Carmel, could have been part of a very busy road if people decided to go around Mt. Carmel instead of going over it through Megiddo, but it seems that only a few went this way. A little elevation was better than a longer road I guess. Today Haifa is known for being the place where lots of work gets done, through the port and various industries. It is also the home to a Bahai shrine, the cleanest place in Isarel, as you will be able to tell in the pictures.

This is a picture from Mt Carmel looking north over Haifa. There is a naval musuem to the bottom left if you were wondering. 

Haifa 1 (looking down from the edge of Mt Carmel).jpg

The most famous place in Haifa is the Bahai shrine. It is very pretty and without doubt the cleanest place in all of Israel. There is a beautiful view.



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