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Mount of Beatitudes

Posted Wednesday, June 27, 2007 by Charlie Trimm

We have little idea where the Sermon on the Mount was actually given. But this place is a good guess! It is on top of a hill, is near the Sea of Galilee and can hold large crowds. So why not? There is a very nice church on top of the mountain as well, where you can see the coat that the Pope wore on his visit here. One of the times we were here there were a large number of security people wandering around, which was unusual because this was a Christian site in Galilee. No worries about bombings here. The reason for the security was shown halfway through our visit when even more security showed up, along with the president of Germany. The president of Germany, like Israel, is mostly a figurehead, but he is still worthy of lots of security I guess! /Mount_of_Beautudes.jpg/Mount_of_Beautitudes_German_President_visiting_same_time_as_.jpg

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