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Posted Tuesday, February 14, 2006 by Charlie Trimm

I had another interesting thought from the book I was reading (see previous post). They looked at the story where the disciplies tried to heal someone and were unable. Then when Jesus comes, he expresses frustration at the "unbelieving generation." The authors then said that it is proper for us to express frustration when things go wrong, as long as the frustration is not directed at other people or we are blame shifting. Now, I'm not happy with the hermeneutics of that (Jesus did it, he's perfect, so we should do it too), but the thought is an interesting one. How is expressing frustration different from complaining? Is venting good? If my wife makes plans without telling me and they conflict with my own plans, how should I respond? I guess that some expression of frustration ("shoot! that will make my life difficult!") would be better than something like this ("you idiot! What were you thinking!"). And I know that my wife would want me to express what I'm feeling, but that may be just because I am naturally not expressive. Just thinking out loud.

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