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Exodus 1-18

Posted Friday, February 23, 2007 by Charlie Trimm
Categories: Old Testament  
The plot progresses ever onward with the story of the Exodus. This is the last chunk that we take at a slow speed before things accelerate quickly with the next lesson.

1)     Exodus 1-18

a)     Plot

i)        Oppression of Israel in Egypt – 1

ii)      Birth and Flight of Moses - 2

iii)    Calling of Moses and return to Egypt – 3-4

iv)    Initial Reaction of Pharaoh – 5

v)      Comfort from God and Genealogy of Moses – 6

vi)    First Nine Plagues – 7-10

vii)  Warning about Final Plague – 11

viii)Passover Regulations – 12:1-28

ix)    10th Plague and Exodus – 12:29 – 42

x)      Directions for Passover – 12:43-13:16

xi)    Pillar of Fire and Cloud – 13:17-22

xii)  Red Sea (Yam Suf) – 14

xiii)Song of Moses and Miriam– 15:1-21

xiv) Bitter Waters, Manna, and Water from a Rock – 15:22-17:7

xv)         Amalek – 17:8-16

xvi) Jethro’s Advice – 18

b)     Theological Themes

i)        Exodus as Picture of Salvation (New Exodus of Isaiah and Acts)

ii)      God of Israel conquered foreign gods

iii)    God as the sovereign God

iv)    Name of God

v)      God as Warrior

vi)    Passover Lamb

vii)  Provision in times of desert


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