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A trading-post for books

Posted Thursday, August 24, 2006 by Brian Beers

Due to tasks such as bringing this website into a more carefree state August has been somewhat of a dry month for reading material here at Theoblogian. To compensate for this, I would like to introduce you all to Bookins.com. This site is for trading books. You offer some of your books for trade, and when someone decides they want it, you slap a shipping label on it, and send it off to the lucky new owner. For each book you put up for trade, you get a certain number of points based on the value of the book. You can trade these points in for that book you have always wanted that someone over in Tennessee put up for trade. Those points plus $3.99 gets the new book.

I got my first book last week. It is in excellent condition, and I am pleased. At first I wasn’t pleased though because I didn’t realize that a “wish-list” on Bookins.com is a commitment to…well…trade – or pay for shipping. I signed up and started browsing the lists of books. The organization of the books is excellent, with multiple levels of sub-categories. I quickly zeroed in on three or four books that I thought might be interesting. I added them to my wish-list, assuming that it was like a wish list on half.com or amazon.com. Then I closed my browser and went back to work. Within about ten minutes I got a message saying that “The Word of God in English” was on its way! I was shocked. I didn’t think I had chosen to buy any books. That was when I learned that a Bookins.com wish-list isn’t your traditional wish-list (Can I really call something less than a decade old “traditional?”).  I immediately went and removed the rest of the books from my “wish-list.” At a cost of only four bucks a book it is a great deal -especially for the books I am interested in. So go and check it out. Sign up and offer your theological tomes for trade, but remember that you get the books on your wish-list as soon as they are available.

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