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1/23/2009 3:20:00 PM

Ashurbanipal learning Akkadian

Posted Friday, January 23, 2009 by Charlie Trimm
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I came across an interesting passage from Ashurbanipal talking about his schooling. Even the Assyrians thought Akkadian was hard! I am so happy that the OT was not written in Akkadian.

"and I have studied (lit., struggled with) the heavens with the learned masters of oil divination, I have solved the laborious (problems of) division and multiplication, which were not clear, I have read the artistic script of Sumer and the dark (obscure) Akkadian, which is hard to master, (now) taking pleasure in the reading of the stones (i.e., steles) (coming) from before the flood, (now) being angered (because I was) stupid and addled (?) by the beautiful script (?)" (379).

But just in case you think that you would like to have him in your class, read the following about what he did to a rebel.

"Ummanaldash was alarmed and laid the corpse of that Nabu-bel-shumate in salt and gave it, together with the head of his shield-bearer, who had cut him down with the sword, to my messenger, and he had him brought before me. I did not give his body to be buried. I made him more dead than he was before. I cut off his head and hung it on the back of Nabu-kata-sabat, (his) twin brother (?) (and) a faithful (subject) of Shamash-shum-ukin, my hostile brother, who had gone with him to rouse Elam to hostility." (312)

Quotations are from Luckenbill, ARAB II

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